Practicing law and Legal Consultancy in an institutional and highly professional and homogeneous quality.


Take care of the harmonization of high moral principles that refines tendency and settle passion for the consistent team in the professional assets.


A model national Law Office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our History

Mr Mahmood Al Shangiti received the license for practising the profession of law in Saudi Arabia, and the office was established on 2005 and there are 5 branches covered the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is Jeddah the main office – Riyadh – Madinah – Yanbu industrial city – Jubail industrial city. 29 professional lawyers and legal advisers including 20 Saudi lawyers are licensed by the Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia  and have the right to appear before all courts of first instance and courts of appeal and Supreme courts.
Professionally, our history is relatively short compared to our accomplishments. So we believe that,we are the fastest growing national law office in KSA. This is what makes us qualified and closest to acquire advanced positions between law firms in KSA as a local law team.

Our Practice


Commercial Assets Recovery & Settlements

 Notary services

& Insurance


Litigation & Resolution

Energy law 

 Corporate, Commercial  & LDD

Civil Aviation

 Foreign Investors legal Affairs